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Développement informatique


Professeur agrégé en informatique (Fondateur)

The education of the 21st century opens up opportunities to not merely teach, but to coach, mentor, nurture and inspire.

The idea of creating this website started in 2016, At that time I was responsible for teaching the C/C++ programming language and Linux Administration to my BTS students. So I decided to create a website where to put all my work and knowledge and make it accessible to everyone. At the end of the school year (2017), the website was released.

The beginning was with courses in Python, and now there are many courses and problems in different programming languages, computer networks, Linux, operating systems and others.

My vision is to create a complete e-learning platform in Computer Science and include all the most interesting subjects like Theoretical Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Machine Learning, Scientific Computing, etc. To achieve this, I am looking for partners to support this project, and make all courses accessible to all students around the world.

To create a partnership with us or buy a license to use our courses and tutorials, please contact us by sending us an email at contact@developpement-informatique.com or by calling us at (+212) 616 374 790.